Monday, April 2, 2007

Voluntary Data Entry

This last Friday I was joining with folks from the Institute of Technology for a scheduled dinner with a visiting professor. It was down on Tacoma's Ruston Way waterfront and the time had changed so I was early. I took a walk along the way and out over the water at a public dock. Standing there looking out over the water I heard a young couple's conversation as they approached. The young woman was talking about the survey she had taken online that day. The young man responded with information on one he had completed. I was just marveling at the fading light of day.

My daughter needed information about Ballet basics. We took an online test and surveyed the results in order to develop our own questions for her second grade class. Every so often I vote in the USA Today online poll, or something similar. My eldest daughter creates her own quizzes online and sends them to friends.

Think about all the queries, quizzes and questions you encounter and what they might say about you if they were all collected into a some database of information. That is quite a bit of voluntary data we are entering about ourselves.

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