Friday, June 7, 2013

Bridging the technology gap: Generation Connection

The end of the quarter in my Managing Technical Teams class means I get to see presentations from student teams of 5-7 people and the work they have done over the last seven weeks. (two weeks to form teams and decide on a project that makes a contribution to the community utilizing technology and the writing of a post mortem on the project bookend those weeks to fill the ten week quarter.)

I require a press release as part of their project launch presentation and will post a few of them here.  Below is the first.  I stripped out the contact information that normally would come with a release.

Bringing technology to older generations to keep them connected to friends and family

Auburn, WA, May 15, 2013– Today, millions of senior citizens in the United States have not seen their families or loved ones in over a month. Many older people today do not believe technology is for them; however in our rapidly changing world that is unfortunately just not true. Technology can help reduce loneliness by providing access to invaluable online resources and the ability to keep in touch better with friends and family.

“Generation Connection inspires older people to use technology, and in doing so, delivers digital training to open a host of opportunities, like reconnecting with loved ones or pursuing hobbies.” – Jared Eades
Generation Connection is a group of students in the Information Technology and Systems Bachelor of Science program at the University of Washington Tacoma. They wanted to give back to their community by applying some of their technological talents. After many ideas were brainstormed they decided the most rewarding project they could do was to help teach the seniors in their community. Generation Connection found an assisted living facility (Wesly Homes) where they could teach the seniors there how to use the technology around them and show them that technology is for them too!

“We greatly appreciate what Generation Connection has done here. Not too many people would take the time to do for us, what you have done for us.” Millard

Located at the University of Washington, Tacoma, Generation Connection was founded in 2013. Generation Connection is the best company that offers technical assistance to elderly people in order for them to communicate with their loved ones thru the use of technology.

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