Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Greetings entrepreneurs and everyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Many of you may know of StartUp Weekend, an organization that puts on three day sessions where groups of people form and launch companies.  Some day we will hold one of those.  In the meantime....

We will be holding an event similar to that in September called the South Sound Entrepreneurs Weekend.

It starts Friday the 14th in the early evening, goes through Saturday and into Sunday in the late afternoon.
There will be many guest speakers and opportunities to ask people about business planning, deploying mobile apps, marketing, coworking (a style of work that involves a shared working environment and independent activity), etc.

There will also be pizza, coffee and pop, breakout sessions and a T-shirt.

The price for the weekend is 75 dollars but because I have wrangled some sponsorship money together from the WSEDC, I am able to provide a few waivers for qualifying students and recent graduates.  There will be folks from UPS, TCC, UWT and hopefully out of the business community as well.

I already know of a few students teams who have recruited others who are ready to leverage the information from this event to launch a business.  Some very interesting mobile application and game ideas.  But other types of businesses as well, including service industry and social networking tools.

However, if you just want to understand more about entrepreneurship or would like to find a team to join, that works too.  There will be a few prizes at the end to help support any team that feels it is ready to actually launch there idea.

There is a website at www.sseweekend.com which also has a link to the registration page.  If you would like to request a student waiver, contact me.

Andrew L. Fry
Assistant Director of Industry Partners
Institute of Technology
University of Washington, Tacoma
Pinkerton 313

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