Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Announcing the Next Escape Room (and a surprise)

As we move into September we have had to make a decision on the small business Adventures by Appointment LLC.  It has been fun and the response has been as much as I could have asked for.  The month of August was busy and the month of September has filled nicely.  This makes continuing the room on into the holidays and beyond an easy decision.  After hiring the Jen York as the Managing Director it is time to get serious.

However, without the Spaceworks advantage on rent it becomes a little trickier, plus we need to satisfy all of patrons who pleaded for another room after finishing the first.

So what to do next?

Announcing the second adventure offering from Adventures by Appointment.  This next room will be in keeping with the theatrical requirements of the escapes, with two actors in the room as part of the action.

Even more exciting is that Mystery and Sci Fi Author Erik Hanberg will be penning the script and puzzle path.  Erik was instrumental in pushing the first room forward and a great sounding board for what was being created.  So now it is his turn.

You are part of a FBI recovery team getting ready to extract your informant who has been feeding information on the dangerous and powerful mob boss who has been terrorizing the city.  However, when you and your team arrive, it becomes a challenge determining just exactly who is who.  
Be careful not to side with the wrong person, as it could be a fatal error.
Complicating matters is that you are under pressure to beat the clock, as henchmen are on there way and the consequences of there arrival are to be feared.
Can you figure out who the informant is and escape, or will you fall victim to "The Dark Count".

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