Friday, April 24, 2015

Last Chance to Experience the Mysterious UWT Aural Event

There has been some excitement for the addition of a large W to the UWT campus at the top of the Grand Staircase.  It will be located in an area that is considered one of the best views on campus.

Not only that, but discourse on the coloration of the letter, in association with the feel of the campus and the city (not my view but a common one) has been held.  "UW Tacoma’s new installation will be eight feet tall and made of steel."

But note where it is going to be located.  Great spot, right?  Yes....but.

Something will be lost when it goes up,  A little UWT secret that I stumbled across years ago and still present to anyone I am giving a campus tour to.  Now, in no way I am advocating that a different location be selected.  I think this is the right spot. 

So I am telling you this now so that you can experience it yourself before construction and installation begins.  To do so means that you will be privy to a soon to be forgotten University of Washington Tacoma audio anomaly.  See the crossing lines below.  Stand at the intersection, in the center of the cross.  Exactly in the center facing outward down the staircase or it won't work.  Look out toward the arch of the History Museum and say "Go Huskies!" or "Andrew Fry is an idiot" or anything you please.  Experience the magic.

Now of course there is a simple scientific explanation, of which I will not give until after you have tried.  I'll wait.

Most importantly, do this soon.  As once the W goes up, the mystery will be gone.  

Unless they place the W about two feet further out than the picture suggests.

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