Friday, May 31, 2013

End of the Quarter Colloquium for Spring 2013

An exciting end of the quarter colloquium today.  We have a new, fast moving format of presentations resulting in new topics every fifteen minutes.  Though much of it is overview based, some are able to go into more specific detail, especially when there are teams of two and three who go for up to one half hour.

For an idea of the many topics covered, check out this schedule.

End of the Quarter Colloquium for Spring 2013

Schedule of Presentations

Session One:     9:00 to 11:00 (sign ups start at around 8:45)

Igor Odnik - Internship with Electronic Outlet Services

Sambath Sok - Directed Reading - Windows 8

Matt Rigg - Competition Specialties Web Development

Lawrence Grass, Dwayne Tucker and Kyle Philips- Pierce County Mobile Application Development Internship

Jacob Yong and Maggie Liao - Field Technicians for UW Tacoma IT Department internship

Long Pham - Directed Reading SQL Optimization

Alexander Kramer - Weyerhaeuser Intern EHS Support Functions

Session Two:     10:30 to 12:30

Nathan Adams - Expeditors International Internship

Kavitha Yogaraj - Sofware Engineer internship at Versium Analytics

Rodney Short - Directed Reading in Security and Certification Test

David Everitt - Data Reduction Intern at AeroJet

Kurt Hardin - Intel Undergraduate Software Engineering Intern

Brad Porter - Malware Analysis Techniques

Bob Flood - Nagios: A network monitoring system plus directed reading

Session Three:  12:00 to 2:00

Jordan Hanna  - City of Tacoma - IT Department Internship with CISO Paul Federighi

Joseph Stout - Directed Reading Making Decisions in Agile Software Development

Michael Morris - Revitalization of Sporcle 3.0

Shane Kwon - A Survey of Graph Database Systems with Emphasis on In-Memory Computing and Traffic Security

Heegun Yang - Cloud Based Free and Open Source Software Solution for Small Business

Mattew Selfors, Roger Trottier and Major Bruno - Game Development for Dropkick Games

James Andrew Marquardt – Independent Study of Natural Language Processing Techniques

Session Four: 01:30 to 3:30 or end of day.

Pritpal Singh and Michael Jagielo - TPI Android Application

Paul Aquino - Software Development Intern at Avanade

Ainsley Herndon - Working with Symbology on the Role Player Work Station

Vinh Pham - Internship at Weyerhaueser

Michael Schweiger - Malware Analysis on the Cloud

David Souphommanichanh - Directed Readings Information Technology Infrastructure

Wen-Chung Chen - Directed Readings Network Engineering

Benjamin Kim - Directed Readings Agile Testing

Amandeep Jhajji - Internship with Small Business

Otis Alexander - Towards a Cybersecurity Specific Data Historian for an Attack-Aware
Industrial Control System (ICS)

Soon Keu Bang - A Grounded Theory Analysis of Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities for Software Assurance and DevOps

Victor Palanchuk - Network Security Operations at Avanade

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