Friday, June 5, 2015

SiteCrafting Expands into New Quarters in the (slightly tongue in check) Emerging Dome Tech District

Congratulations are in order to Brian Forth and all the folks at SiteCrafting.  The company has  been a Tacoma fixture for 17 years and they just moved into some very cool digs near Lemay and the Tacoma Dome.

First, the exterior is polished and professional.  No messing around when it comes to knowing you have arrived at the offices.  The companies logo, familiar from so many views on the web, looks great as the mantle about the door to the building.

Even more impressive is the open concept interior.  The view from the loft, office at the top of the stairs gives an idea of how things are laid out.

The open beams remind me of the tech company vibe of Pioneer Square in Seattle.  The walls have messaging on all sides.  My favorite is the mission statement for the company (not shown) that appears on the dividing wall that separates a open lounge, meeting area and the kitchen.

I attended their open house on June 3rd and ran into many of the Tacoma community and technology crowd including Tom Pierson, President and CEO of the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, who said a few words and presided over the ribbon cutting.  

Additionally and equally impressive was the roll out of a new LLC housed within SiteCrafting's building call GearLab.  With an already impressive list of clients, they provide usability testing, user research, and content strategy.

From their web site:

GearLab is equipped with the latest technology for testing across all platforms and screen sizes, including an eye tracking system that records the movements of a subject's saccades. The Lab is separated into two spaces - the lab itself and an observation room, creating flexibility to fit the testing that makes sense for your project.
S-Vidia is moving in to office not far from theirs and another cybersecurity company is housed next door.  With four companies with technology grounding as part of their product services I am now going to casually throw around the phrase "T-Dome tech-district" whenever I talk about SiteCraftings new location.

Hopefully you have seen the press release from the EDB about Infoblox renewing its lease in Tacoma for another six years. Growing from sixty...