Friday, June 24, 2016

Set Up Your Adventure (by Appointment) for The Last Escape

And the room is now open!  The first production of Adventures by Appointment LLC has gone through its trial runs, previews, beta tests or whatever you might like to call them and it has opened for business.

So what is it exactly?

I like the way Erik Hanberg put it.

"Tacoma's first puzzle/escape room is a new kind of theatrical experience in the South Sound. The puzzle room challenges participants to race the clock and break themselves out of a room by solving a series of elaborate puzzles that lead a group through a narrative involving eccentric billionaires, a spiritualist medium, and the most famous magician in the world."

And judging by the feedback we have been getting since it opened, we have succeeded in creating a very fun and exciting experience.

"One of the best experiences. I took my 13 year old son and he loved it as well. If you want to experience something completely different set an appointment now."
"Super fun experience! Easily the best Escape room I've done."
"I had so much fun, by the end my heart was racing as we tried to bet the clock.The puzzles were well thought thru definitely providing a challenge while remaining fun. "

Who would have thought that one year ago I would be looking through puzzle books and reading about Harry Houdini in order to try and write puzzle paths and a storyline that would hold up as an escape room adventure.

Of course the reason it is an cool as it turned out to be has more to do with the sets, props and special effects.  Blake York did an incredible job on creating the space that could function as a mediums parlor for tarot card reading and also keep unobtrusive the set lights, grid, false walls and other surprises.  Jen York not only helped keep it on track as the director but found amazing talent to run tech and act as the medium, gamemaster, hintgiver and all around entertaining addition to the experience.

The show has three consistent running times and days.  Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm and Sunday at 5:00pm.  But we only need a commitment of 5 to 6 people who want to go through the room in order to coordinate a time and day of your choice.

We just ran one at 3:00pm on Sunday because the group could not make any other time.  One of our mediums was on vacation and the other worked, so I had to run out and get a new fake mustache, borrow a turban from our Tacoma Little Theatre friends and step up to the cards.

Honestly the mediums we have Madam Dana and Lady Jade are practically one woman shows in their own right.  I may have to dedicate the next post to them.

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