Friday, April 20, 2007

An Energizing Day

I spent part of my day today in Bremerton with a bright and energized group of community and civic leaders who are working to further the Kitsap SEED project along. The SEED project (Sustainable Energy and Economic Development) has several goals which include attracting technology leaders throughout the emerging energy and sustainable technology industries, and community outreach and education, which would promote efficiency, innovation and market development of these new energy initiatives.

The room was packed with people focused on creating something special and food was provided. I have always loved that combination.

When I returned to downtown Tacoma, a solar energy exhibit was being set up outside of the Museum of Art. It was a nice point of emphasis on the days topics of conversation.

Meanwhile, Dr. George Mobus of the Institute of Technology at the UWT is developing a curriculum proposal for an Energy Systems Engineering graduate degree, which would take a more holistic approach to where energy comes from, is spent in creating other forms of energy for consumption, where the waste energy from the production facilities flows to and where the efficiencies are best leveraged.

On days like today, it gives you pause to think about what we might all be working on together in research, education and industry five years from now.


Jamie said...

I'm fascinated by the Energy Systems Engineering Degree, it sounds like a great program. I see Dr. Mobus is a CS what extent might such a program include a CS component?

Droid116 said...

Knowing George, it will be in there. However, he is looking at it being very cross-disciplinary, (I think an undergraduate engineering or science degree is the starting point, whether that’s mechanical, electrical, systems, chemical or biological). Like in other graduate programs, there may be two tracks. In the CS graduate program you can come in with a non-CS baccalaureate as long as you’ve got some baseline courses like physics and calc. Then you remediate to a level where you can jump in.

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