Thursday, April 5, 2007

Home, Work or Mobile

Mark Briggs from the Tribune blogged about internet access speeds from the home this week. I think the information is very interesting. I also have more questions. As I commented there, it should be noted that this is connectivity from the home, because quite a few people access the web from work. I would be interested in knowing the numbers of individuals who have high speed access from work, and then compare to the at home numbers.

For years I did not bring high speed access into my home, since I lived and breathed it at work. But when my kids got older, school work required a more speedy delivery of online goods. And this is not to mention their need to share with me what real music was. It also allowed me to show them why you don't throw back some Mentos and then chug a Diet Coke.

But the bigger question is whether this is going to be a pertinent question at all in the near future. With mobility, lap tops and wireless connections, it strikes me that high speed access will be nearly universal. In my Living and Working class each student carries a laptop with internet access as well as a capable mobile phone. The Trib's free wi-fi map suggest that place bound may well be a transitory issue.

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