Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cyber Defense Classes

I posted over at Tacoma Tech Connect about a cyber security and defense exercise that was going to be conducted this Saturday on Fort Lewis by university students. They'll be using tools, software and their course work education within the framework of a hands on drill.

As we move more of our information, work and lives onto the web, through a variety of alias and associations, we become more likely victims of any sort of cyber attack. The students are being led in their exercise by a Lt. Colonel from West Point. We as individuals have our firewalls, security software and services to protect ourselves.

Can you imagine cyber defense classes being taught to individuals not unlike the self defense courses being taught today for our physical protection? Especially for those who feel more vulnerable or seek to empower themselves further. What would such a class look like and who would teach it? What is the equivalent of a police officer or dojo master from the physical realm, and would degrees of proficiency be awarded?

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