Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hotel Murano Art Featured in CNN Money

My wife spotted this article and photo piece on the Hotel Murano.

CNNMoney did the feature and had some nice comments about the city. It is one more bit of proof that Tacoma has accomplished a positive image throughout the US based on it's investment in arts, museums and tourism.

The article featured the following statement about our association with glass art.

Because Tacoma is at the center of U.S. glassmaking, Sondland, 50, and curator Tessa Papas filled the hotel with glass sculpture. There are 46 artists represented, from Seattle's Dale Chihuly to Greece's Costas Varotsos to Denmark's Vibeke Skov, whose glass Viking ships are seen here.

For those who may not have seen the article here it is.

Kevin Freitas of grabbed some early photos of Costas Varotsos' "Orizon" as it was revealed this morning. He has some great shots here.


izenmania said...

Typo attack!

It's Murano, not Murona.

Droid116 said...

Thank you, izenmania.

Man, I knew something was off, and even went back to the body of the post to check the spelling. Now corrected in the title.

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