Friday, October 12, 2007

Which Exit did the Art Commentary Take?

This blog may have seemed a little tech heavy lately, or at least not as focused on the arts as it has been in the past.

I am still writing about arts events and theatrical interests, though the entries oftentimes are found at a new address. I have been making contributions to the B side of the south sound community blog Having a B side concentrating on the arts and entertainment scene is an interesting endeavor by the regionally focused site. It has evolved and been treated as a media outlet by organizations and event management, and is in many ways looking more familiar as such.

I provided a review on a local theatrical production when it launched and contributed to the film reviews for it's Tacoma Film Festival coverage. This week I wrote about the following...

Murder, Mayhem, and Some Really Nice Wines

Departing from Tacoma’s Freighthouse Square aboard a vintage 1937 railroad car christened the Cascade, my wife and I headed toward Mt. Rainer to Lake Kapowsin on a three hour round trip. Throughout the cabin, people were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries; we were seated at a table with two nice young people celebrating their first year of marriage.

Get A Clue

But this was no ordinary train.

Interrupting the conversation, a loud and rather large ex-jockey (James Dean) came down the aisle soliciting our support to get him rehired by the rancher Buck Jackson (Bob Yount). After all, his horse, Dances with Speed, had never lost a race. It wasn’t long until Buck and his sociable wife, Candy Cane (Kay Ethan), came from the other direction and the accusations began to fly.

Suddenly us passengers were faced with some hard questions to mull over. Why had the horse never lost? What’s the real reason the jockey was fired? And who was behind the death of a certain private investigator?

If you haven’t already guessed, we were aboard the Spirit of Washington Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

For the rest, take the 133B Exit.

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