Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's the New iPhone! Wii!!!

All of this hoopla surrounding the iPhone has gotten to me. I can sense the palpable anticipation and am enthralled by the stories of lines forming up for when this product hits the market. Tomorrow will provide sustenance to the digital masses who seek the latest in wireless, Internet connected, video playing, life changing, song storing, date making, all fulfilling computing and media devices.

My fingers are trembling as I type.

And therefore, I am go buy a Wii.

I've waited long enough, the lines should be shorter by now. I also here it is a lot of fun and a good family gaming system. More games available as well.

If you have one and love it, let me know.

If you manage to pick up an iPhone, I would also be very interested in what you think. Maybe I'll look into one for my birthday next year.


Erik said...

Brilliant! The logic is impeccable.

Enjoy the Wii.

Droid116 said...

Thanks Erik,

You know I'm gonna want to see your iPhone when you get it.

Anonymous said...

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