Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Exit133 Hosting Candidate Forum

Electoral debates and public forums have had a place in the media for a long time. Newspapers gave editorial column space and endorsements. Radio had broadcast town halls and candidate speeches. Today television has become the go-to battleground for presentation of the candidates, their positions, their debates, their attack ads and the electoral returns.

Certainly we have seen more influence from the web in the form of mobilization and viral marketing. (most recently the Hillary camps Soprano spoof), but with tomorrow, the South Sound sees one of our most influential digital communities make its own offering to the voters.
Exit133 is hosting their first-ever candidate forum. Already a great stopping spot for Tacoma and Pierce County development, entertainment and information, this community driven forum, which has never been short on debate and discussion among its members and visitors, is a welcome Web 2.0 addition to the distribution of vital candidate information.
At 7 p.m. on June 21st, Exit133 and the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, at the Theatre on the Square will provide an opportunity to hear first-hand where the candidates stand and what they have planned for our city.
Moderated by Derek Young, it will be an informative evening. No doubt it will also be something to discuss and debate online for many weeks after.

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Jamie Chase said...

Isn't it amazing how blogging has empowered individuals to become journalists. Your post about the candidate forum is an amazing example of that power. Exit 133 is a great blog.

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