Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Google to Go....100 miles per gallon

I don't know how many dollars go into research and development of hybrid cars. This note off of www.hybridcars.com gives a clue.

"On Billions of Research and Development Dollars: "The American public has not seen a return on the substantial investment of tax dollars into auto efficiency R&D, and so it's difficult to say that the funds were well spent."

So I'm guessing billions.

Well add another 11 million to the pot. Google has given one million in research grants for hybrid vehicles that can go 70-100 miles to the gallon and offers up another ten million in dollars available to be distributed through grant submissions.

From the USATodays perspective, "Auto development is crushingly expensive, especially when it involves the kind of advanced battery and powertrain technology used in plug-in hybrids.", so does the little extra kick in make a difference.

I think so. Especially because it is targeted at entrepreneurs and inventors with a jones to advance the plug in potential, to hit the market that needs to drive less than 35 miles round trip in a day and that might even be able to provide a little kick back to the grid.

They won't be driven by market potential or confined by a corporate directive. They just need to solve the problem and advance a solution.

That doesn't mean I am betting against the well funded research, just that an enthusiasts approach may be the one to win out, and thanks to Google for giving that innovative engine a little jump start.

I wonder if the Kirkland campus of Google is taking part?

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