Friday, May 11, 2007

Blogging as Focus at South Sound Conference

I have posted over on Tacoma Tech Connect about saving the date for the next South Sound Technology conference on Dec 7th. I was Chair, Co-chair or emcee for the conference for the last five years but am retiring to ex-officio chair status this year.

However I still am involved in and enjoy planning for the event. At this time the topics of Security and Technology as an Economic Driver are two of the major focal points for the day.

I am ready to add a third topic for the afternoon speaker and panels and am looking for interest out there in making it happen. There seems to be a real strength in the blogging community in the South Sound. Truthfully, I am not sure if it is the same in every metropolitan area or not, but I suspect that we have many unique qualities specific to our region.

This is to name just a few.

The prototype for a community based, editorially driven blog in Exit133

A major newspaper that has made a direct and aggressive effort to make blogs part of their content in the Tribune. Not to mention leadership in "new journalism" efforts.

A community driven effort to aggregate from a variety of blogs all things Tacoma in FEEDTACOMA.

A strong civic communications driven effort through blogs by the Chamber of Commerce.

A blog built from scratch that balances everyday life and the technology community itself in Keven Freitas and the efforts of Jamie at Thrice All American.

An online comic syndicating itself through the South Sound blogosphere.

An eclectic mix of artists, parents, companies, publications and baseball fans all contributing to the cross pollination of information, promotion, advocacy and instigation. So many that I am certain I have overlooked quite a few. I apologize to you all. Feel free to describe your blog and post links in the comments.

My question to you. Is there enough here to build a program around? I believe so. What would the program look like? You tell me.


Journalism 3.0 said...

Blogging is always a good topic as it continues to evolve. I recently attended a technology conference in Portland that had a great turnout around the concept of eMarketing, which included everything from businesses starting blogs to search marketing to email newsletters. It was definitely commercially focused, but it was interesting. There might be something on that topic to explore.

Journalism 3.0 said...

Sorry, I meant to identify myself with my previous comment.

Mark Briggs
The News Tribune

Droid116 said...

I think we could have some pretty good panels and discussions. I'll contact you as we get closer to Fall to see what a program might look like.

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