Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Emerging Terms in the Web World?

Mark Briggs of Journalism 2.0 twittered yesterday about a new term he had read.

Ok, I haven't heard this term before: "composting" to mean community posting (UGC). It's fertile, but may be crap to you.

On the other hand you might suggest that a bunch of garbage is being thrown in together, but when combined and tilled is valuable. Or maybe it just stinks.

I love new terms and thought of some other terms that may be on the forefront.

If you have ever visited TwitterFall, you see what happens when a great number of microblog posts are aggregated and fed near real time. Outside of the Twitter brand you might consider a flow of microblog posts or in active periods a flood of blogs.

This should be known as "Flogging". If it is part of an open community site it should be known as a Public Flogging. If you would like to flog yourself then you would submit to a site that encourages public flogging.

We already have Podcasting which has been around for a while. If you write something that is then sent out to many people at once, that could be called "Type Casting". If you have ever done live chatting, you probably have experienced the anticipation of information to come when the "typing" symbol lets you know that the other person is writing something out to submit to the chat. For those who wish to chat to many people at once, perhaps in a written open mic poetry slam of sorts, then they are participating in Type Casting.

Using bookmarks has enabled me to keep track of a number of sites that hold my interest. It would be nice if I could find a bot of sorts that could analyze my entire collection of bookmarks and suggest other sites based on what is currently in my collection. This would be my Booking Agent.

On a good day, my booking agent might find me a type casting site that could set me up for a public flogging. The results might be worth some composting.

Up next.. "the Pedantic Web"

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