Friday, February 8, 2008

WSA, I Mean, Washington Technology Industry Association Awards

Great evening last night.

The Westin Seattle was packed and the crowd buzzed with all the excitement you would expect to surround an awards show, even for the technology sector. The keynote from Suzie Reider, Director of Advertising, was great, with some pretty interesting stats.

She mentioned every second 10 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, which is akin to ~8700 Russ Crowe "Gladiator" movies a minute. I saw Gladiator at the Cinerama after drinking a 64 ounce Diet Coke in the center seat of a crowded row, so that may seem a little longer to me than others. OK, I don't remember the number exactly, but it was definitely impressive. Once I confirm I will adjust. You should just know that it was a lot of Gladiators / Time Measure.

With the number of viewers they get a day, they are the 6th largest media outlet.

What was the big announcement that came from Ken Myer, President and CEO of the organization formerly known as the WSA? The news, which proceeded the keynote and kicked off the evening, was the name change from the WSA to the Washington Technology Industry Association (note the absence of an acronym here). The change reflects the fact that technology is so pervasive that large companies have IT departments that measure in size and scope comparative to many software and media companies. This allow for expansion of the organization which is already the largest state-wide association of technology companies and executives in the world.

The winners for the evening were:

Business product of the year: Tableau Software

Breakthrough technology of the year: TravellingWave

Consumer product of the year: Yapta

Service provider of the year: Ramp Group

Technology Innovator of the year: Bryan Mistele, Inrix

Best Use of Technology in the Government, Non-Profit or Education Sector: King County District Court

Finally, the newest award, the Technology Leader of Tomorrow, which came with a scholarship (and a Zune for all the nominees) went to Jennifer Chen, an eighth-grader at Washington Middle School.

Congratulations to all who helped put on the event.

I have updated to include links to the winners.

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