Friday, July 13, 2007

Tacoma Musical Playhouse Looking Good Backstage as Well

The reviews are in for this Summers show at the TMP and they are awash with praise over Beauty and the Beast. The actors, costumes, sets and direction are all heaped with praise. But adjacent to the small, crowded lobby of the theater, where patrons have squeezed through to watch humans become animated inanimate objects, something else is transforming as well.

In just a short while, hopefully by the Fall show, that cramped lobby and small concession area will grow to several times its size. The lines will shorten during intermission as the restrooms will contain four times over the number of stalls. And for someone like myself, who occasionally has the honor of walking out onto the stage, there will be larger dressing rooms and a green room for the cast and musicians.

Congratulations to Artistic Director John Douglas-Rake and Musical Director Jeffrey Stvrtecky for not just the great Summer show in Beauty, but for the magical transformation that has been going on for 13 seasons at the Narrows Theater and will continue the years.

Reviews of Beauty and the Beast:
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Tacoma Weekly Fairy tale enchants audience
Weekly Volcano ‘Beast’ is a feast

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