Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Visit by the Brazilian Delegation

This has been a busy month and today is no different. The SST Conference is on Friday and we already have enough registrations to make me think we could be pushing 200 attendees this year. Nice.

But even before this Friday we are pleased to be hosting a delegation of educational leaders from Brazil who are visiting the Institute. Their objective is to stimulate the scientific and technical cooperation between the University of Washington and Brazilian institutions.

They spent some time is Seattle yesterday and today they will be joining our Director and Associate Director, Dr. Orlando Baiocchi and Dr. Larry Wear, along with myself on a trip out to Intel Dupont. Thanks to Rick Meeder and Tomm Aldridge of Intel for arranging it. I have been on the Intel tour before and the work they are doing in the Dupont facility is fascinating.

We will also be giving them a tour of the campus here and show them around our research labs.

Brazilian Delegation

* Dr. Jorge de Almeida Guimarães
- President, CAPES, Ministry of Education

* Dr. Sandoval Carneiro
- Director of International Cooperation, CAPES

* Dr. João Fernando Gomes de Oliveira
- President, Institute of Research Technology (IPT) São Paulo

* Dr. Amaro Lins
- President. Federal University of Pernambuco

* Dr. Alvaro Prata
- President, Federal University of Santa Catarina

* Mr. Pedro Costa
- The Information Company, with business in Brazil and State of Washington

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