Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tacoma and the Biometric Identification Solution

There is a great technology company in the South Sound that many have not heard of. Additionally, if you looked for it online based on its location and solution, you may get a surprise instead. Nevertheless, it has been part of the city of Tacoma, (and has representation on the Institute of Technology’s advisory board) for many years.

The company is Sagem Morpho and they are an “industry leader in multi-biometric solutions, develops, manufactures, and integrates multiple biometric technologies that includes fingerprint, iris and facial recognition products and services.”

They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the European firm Sagem Securite, which is part of an international technology consortium who go by the SAFRAN Group. As a fixture in the downtown Tacoma business district they have also seen a number of student interns and hires come from the Institute of Technology here at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Founded in 1985, they have seen their product line grow from fingerprint systems to multi biometric identification systems including facial and iris recognition. One of the recent solution deliveries to Florida was reported by the Biz Buzz blog. (say that three times fast)

So it is interesting to me that when you search for “Tacoma Technology” you end up in the city of Taiwan. More surprising, that first entry coming back from a Google search is a company that provides (wait for it)......biometric identification and recognition systems, called (wait for it again)........Tacoma Technology. Makes you wonder about the conversation that occurred before naming the company in 1993.

“What should we name the company?”

“Well, there is an established fingerprint and biometric identification system with an established US clientele in the city of Tacoma.”

Slams flat hand on table and points with enthusiasm “Bingo!, we’ll call it Tacoma Technology and create immediate association with an established solution.”

The above exchange translated from the fictional Chinese that was imagined for the purposes of this fictional account.

For more translated information of above company follow this link.

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