Thursday, March 22, 2007

Evite as a Event Tool for Galleries

Linda Danforth, founder of the Tacoma Arts Cooperative, uses Evite as a method for announcing shows and events. I was talking to her about the effectiveness of the website and the results she had experienced using it. Two interesting points. One, it is an effective announcement tool for tracking RSVPs, attracting attention and getting people to save dates. It is also good for it's reminder capability. The downside, and point two, is that many email accounts are now looking at the evites as SPAM and may not be getting the message to the intended recipients. Linda mentioned that about half of those she sent evites to did not open up the email. These are friends of the artist and also people who have responded in the past. It may also be that so much information was in the heading, including date, time and place, that many may have gotten all the information they needed. Still, she is thinking of going to individual emails for announcements in the future. I can see this as being a good supplement, but I also like the features that come with in regards to an event preparation tool.

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