Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Back to Blogging

It is amazing how transitory technology solutions are. The minute you think one has made itself a permanent nest in the online ecosystem something else comes along and tramples the habitat.

Friendster was the early winner in social networks, to be eclipsed by MySpace, which was pushed to the side (not entirely) by Facebook, which is making interface changes based on the surge of Twitter users. LinkedIn looks to be in a sturdy spot, but there are online business relationship and connection social networks hoping to get traction.

And with all of this, there is the real world as well.

In that real world, my class Living and Working has started up again, and it is time to reduce the FaceTwittering that has taken up the little online time that I have had, and time get back to blog posting. There have been opportunities to post no doubt. I have been sent articles and emails with suggestions that have been interesting and on target, but my momentum was stalled this Summer with many diversions.

So, expect more. Whether it is a discourse on the power that Twitter users have over the companies that hire marketers to listen in on comments or upcoming conferences such as the international eCrime Conference taking place in Tacoma on Oct 19th. Back to blogging.


Rob said...

Hey Andrew, I love following your posts. I have to say, this one was especially meaningful to me. As a Logistics Specialist "in transition" Linkedin has proven to be a fantastic tool. I have been active, and the power and reach it provides me in the network world, is stunning. In my world, as a manager or executive, you are almost conspicuous, if you are not active in it. I am curious if you have found another site like Linkedin that you see as a "game changer"

Rob Nichols

Droid116 said...

Hi Rob. LinkedIn is the gold standard right now for networking in the business community. There have been a few companies that have attempted to enter the space. BizNet and Konnects being two. I haven't checked in on BizNet for a while but Konnects has taken aim at the more immediate community available through local and regional newspapers. Zoodango has focused more as a tool to meet up and coordinate face to face meetings. As for game changers, you got any ideas? Also. Go Huskies.

Hopefully you have seen the press release from the EDB about Infoblox renewing its lease in Tacoma for another six years. Growing from sixty...