Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Blog It" to Many Posts at Once

Six Apart, makers of Movable Type, Typepad and other services, have launched "Blog It" a new Facebook application designed to broadcast your posts to multiple locations at once. These locations might include Blogger (the engine which runs this blog) or TypePad or WordPress or even micro-blogs like Twitter.

Now I tend to run a little longer when it comes to blog entries, so I am not certain as to whether I would want to Twitter post something that is 400 words in length.

But here is where I can see this being advantageous. I also have blog authority to post at TacomaTechConnect and at There have been occasions when I have cross posted on these along with Living and Working Virtually here. When I have done so, I have created the post and when it was complete and published on my main site, I would go into edit mode and copy and paste them over where appropriate. Once or twice this has been to all three, but it is rare.

But there have been several occasions when I would actually have liked to post an entry across all three. If Institute of Technology students are engaged in an activity that I find interesting and involves the technology community of the South Sound then I see good reason to do cross posting. But even getting one post done is sometimes difficult to do, let alone the copying and pasting etc. The last post on this blog could easily been shared across all three (and may still be).

Here is where I can see some real value in the Blog It application.

But will it work? We will see, as this post is being written in Blog It to be posted on this site.


And there you have it. Tada!

However, now I am adding a graphic to the post. I may be able to do that through Blog It, but not as conveniently or in the same manner as with Blogger. They allow for HTML editing within the post, but I have gotten used to the simple interface used with this application.

There is a press release out with more information including the following:

In addition to the ability to easily post to multiple blogging services from within Facebook, Blog It offers the ability to notify friends and colleagues around the web about new posts. When writing a post, the blogger can choose to automatically share it via Twitter and Pownce in addition to the Facebook Newsfeed. While many Facebook applications rely solely on the Newsfeed to share activity, Blog It is unique in that it helps bloggers share what they're creating with people they know across the web.

Check it out here.

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