Friday, August 10, 2007

Escaping Cranes Two: Red Version

I had a number of positive responses to my display of escaping cranes. One person convinced me to make another with their selected color scheme so that it would look good in their home.

The colors are red, gray, white and black, and though I wasn’t thrilled with the way they filled the glass container, I really like how they look escaping up into the sky.

With the first one I used about 80 or so cranes but with this one, given the container was slightly smaller I ended up using closer to 60 or so.


Donna said...

I prefer this particular color scheme to the other. It is very soothing to the eye as the cranes transition from the jar. Very relaxing.

noisms said...

Not bad at all! I love origami, actually. I can't claim to make anything spectacular, but the creation process itself is oddly soothing.

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