Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Virtual World Travel Agencies

Looking for a very different Summer job? Are you an avatar with great communications skills?

When the web matured into more than a marketing and communications network, and started to introduce applications based on expert systems, enterprise level software and personalization, many support level occupations went on a steep decline. Travel agencies in particular took a hit from the likes of Expedia, Vacation Planning Segments of Airline web sites and even Disney's very complete tickets and reservations programming.

Translation services, financial planning and personal shoppers are now more likely digital than corporeal.

But you never know what opportunities will spring up from this new environment. Travel agencies have surfaced in an unexpected place, the complex and expanding online universe.

Synthravels calls itself the fist online virtual travel agency. It is "the first organization to offer a complete guide service to all the people who want to make a tour in virtual worlds without knowing these new realities, even if they have never put their feet in these strange, synthetic grounds."

These virtual worlds include Second Life, Worlds of Warcraft, Horizons, the SIMS online and many others. It is the product of two forward thinking savvy Italian entrepreneurs who developed their idea with expertise in travel planning.

I just visited Leavenworth and loved it. I am heading to DC tomorrow and Chicago later this year. But these guys promise "you will see exotic landscapes where among prehistoric trees break out bizarre surrealistic architectures, strange fantasy regions where the elves built astonishing temples, synthetic deserts covered with post-atomic ruins, seas of pixels where float ghostly vessels, organic architectures that conceal undercover avatars."


I understand that they are even hiring skilled avatars as guides.

“We’re flying…., we’re flying….., we’re flying….. Now we’re stoping. To your right is the palace of Zandar the Eater of Worlds, to the immediate left is the Lollipop Forest where we will be stopping for lunch.”

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