Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Introducing iGoogle - at two years old

Lots of thoughts swirling around the introduction of iGoogle. Too many to remain focused within a blog entry so instead some random thoughts and a likely return to the topic later.

Two years in the making, the Google Personalized Home page is now officially iGoogle.

What do the Apple folks think about that?

It strikes me as getting closer to the services discussed in the short film EPIC. If you haven't viewed EPIC, where have you been? Funny that the impact of this short online feature has diminished because so many of its predictions have already come true, and that the remaining predictions are some of the most far fetched.

If you want to check out how to make your own home page go to. www.google.com/ig

I find it interesting that this story shows up on my radar right after I mentioned vanity searches in the previous blog. You can set the page up to bring you all the news about you!!

Love the different widgets and their ease of installation.

This is just one more way in which we will be putting ourselves out there for everyone to see.

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