Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spam King Arrested in Seattle

The man who was nicknamed the "spam king" because he set up untold numbers of zombie computers to send out millions of junk emails has been arrested in Seattle. Robert Soloway, 27, has been indicted on charges of mail fraud, identity theft and money laundering. He's the same guy who lost a civil suit that Microsoft filed which was levied a pretty penny against him. Because of the Federal statutes and identity theft laws broken, it looks like jail time for him.

Just keep him away from internet access in the prison library.

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Lynetta Gray said...

Okay, this doesn't really have anything to do with your post, though i think its cool that spammers finally get whats coming to them, but OMG! lol. Remember my post that bashed my Dell computer cuz its battery life sucks? well, if u don't thats basically what it was about. Well a dell customer rep. commented and told me that I could get a new battery since it shouldn't have died under a year! I was all... WHAT! lol. Just thought that was interesting...