Friday, July 6, 2007

Powering Live Earth Concert's Internet Access with the Sun

They are the hosting company that is powering the web sites for this weekend’s Live Earth concerts. They have over 15,000 customers, guarantee ninety nine point nine percent uptime and are celebrating their tenth anniversary. Not only that, but since 2001 they have been powering their data centers one hundred percent with the Sun’s energy through 120 solar panels.

They are AISO, (Affordable Internet Services Online). With their green philosophy, there commitment to energy efficiency in design as demonstrated through their solar tube lighting and green roof, AISO seems to be the perfect choice to support the Live Earth concerts. The concerts themselves have been organized to evangelize for carbon neutrality.

I even love their somewhat twisted slogan, “Web Hosting as Nature Intended”.

Recognized as one of the top 50 Green Companies by Inc. Magazine in their November 1st 2006 edition, Phil Nail, the owner of the business notes how often people question how he can run his an his wife’s company on solar power alone and without taking carbon credits. In answer to that, he installed a live webcam on the roof of the facilities so that the company could proudly display the solar array responsible for providing the energy.

Here is how they describe their data center:

“Our data center is environmentally friendly design. It is completely steel framed with no wood at all except for the door frames on the interior of the building. Our walls are over 12 inches thick and filled with insulation that has recycled content. We built our data center, network and servers from the start to use the lowest amount of energy possible using the latest green design techniques, no other hosting company can do what we do without starting from scratch. We use solar tubes to bring in natural sunlight which eliminates the use for conventional lighting during the day. Our cooling systems are water cooled which reduces the amount of electricity because of the unique setup.”

It is a great example to think about while enjoying the concerts. I wonder if Solar Richard will be watching from his solar powered home.

This picture is from a Seattle PI photo gallery.

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