Monday, July 16, 2007

Escaping Cranes

I have made what I will brazenly call art from origami before. I will take the simple classic models like the frog, or some complex models from John Montroll, and create them in sufficient number that they can then be woven into a larger work. My favorite involves many Montroll turtles making their way across a sandpaper based beach to a blue felt based ocean from four corners.

I have been working toward doing something with a thousand cranes. The frame is complete and the cranes have been folded with a couple hundred to spare, but I have yet to put it together.

Feeling anxious about it, I threw something together in the meantime, which I call Escaping Cranes. Here is what it looks like. Of course like most photos of a three dimensional object, it loses a little something in the flattening out. Hopefully I can find some space to work on the other project. It will be seven by eight by six feet in size and needs some room for it to come together.


Anonymous said...

Andrew, I LOVED what you did with the cranes - very creative! I tried my hand at oragami once, but didn't progress past a box and a monkey (and I had to tell people it was a monkey). Maybe I'll give it another go and be a little more patient this time. When you finish your giant crane sculpture I'd love to see a picture of it posted here.

Droid116 said...

Thanks Nancy,

Try a couple more box types to throw small items into, then go for the animals, etc. My kids have made about two hundred candy dishes so that they can score treats from Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

I loved the brightness and joy of the colors and shapes of the cranes flying around. Wow! I can really feel how much fun you had designing and making it.

Netta said...

Wow... thats really cool. I mean I know how to make cranes but to make crane art? lol. Do you know how to make the bubble cranes as opposed to the flapping ones? Anyways I'm working at the library on campus right now and found a book that (I thought) would have been really cool for our Live and work in the virtual world class. Its Janet Abbate "Inventing the Internet" and kind of just follows how the Internet came to be. I haven't read it (I found it because I'm sorting book covers and read the inside) but I thought of the class when I saw it... :D


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