Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Technology and Entrepreneurship Certificate

Starting this Fall, the Key Professional Development Center at the University of Washington, Tacoma will be offering a Technology and Entrepreneurship certificate. It is a nine month certificate program that will offer one course per quarter for three quarters for anyone in the community wishing to expand their knowledge of the web and to learn how technology fosters new business opportunities. Those participating will also earn Continuing Education Credits.

Two notes of interest in regards to the certificate that I would like to mention. First, I will be the one teaching the courses and second, I will be welcoming in folks from the South Sound to sit in with students from the University who will be taking those courses as well. I am looking forward to class discussion from the different perspectives and backgrounds of those taking part.

Obviously I will be blogging about it on occasion. Please note that although it has been approved, additional information and materials are still being developed.

The general description is as follows:
“This certificate prepares individuals and companies the background overview of world wide web infrastructures and solutions necessary to successfully navigate, utilize and leverage the internet for information, communications and business. Starting with a conversational introduction to the history and evolution of the online world, emphasis in on using real world analogies and experiences to recognize the opportunities that exist today and what new ones will evolve as new technologies are introduced. In the second course, a combination of a guest lecture series and information about starting an online business helps the student to understand the entrepreneurial potential of the web. Finally, in teams of four and five, students will put their ideas and understanding of the web into action on projects that are self designed to contribute back into the community in which they live and work.”

If you are interested, please contact me or the Key Professional Development Center at the University of Washington – Tacoma.

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