Friday, June 8, 2007

Lots of Tacoma Love

People fall in love online all the time. Sometimes it is accidentally, by virtue of hanging out in the same virtual community. Sometimes it is deliberate, such as seeking that certain someone through a, or simply reigniting that high school flame through Of course, the catch is that eventually they have to actually meet.

It turns out that there are also those who want you to fall in love with a city. And they want you to meet in person as soon as is possible. Want examples? Here are two.

As many south sound blogs have already featured, check out Daniel Blue and his ode to Tacoma on Public professions of love are the best type of romance.

Alongside comes the pronouncement of affection from Love Tacoma. Their website domain says it all.

Not only do they love Tacoma, they want you to fall in love as well. Let’s call it “metrogamy”. On second thought, don’t. That’s what the metronatural folks would probably call it.

So what are they all about? Let’s ask. What are you all about?

“What We're All About
Discovering what's hot. We want you to see for yourself what makes Tacoma unbeatable. Love Tacoma's just making your life easier, offering you the happenings that you're after to catch up with friends and discover what's out there in our urban play place.”

So get out there and fall in love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew. I'm really glad you wrote this article - it came along at just the right time. I (reluctantly) live on the East Coast, and the other day I was talking about the Pacific Northwest to a gentleman who works at my local grocery store. He told me he was considering moving, and he remembered someone mentioning that Tacoma was a lovely city. He wanted to know all I could tell him about Tacoma, but as I haven't been there in years I couldn't tell him much. Now I can e-mail him the two sites you mentioned, and I'm guessing they'll be able to persuade him better than I could. One question I have for you - he also breeds and trains racing thoroughbreds. I know there's a raceway in PDX, but is there anything similar in the Tacoma area? Thanks again for the info., Nancy C.

Droid116 said...

Too much to say. Check out the sites mentioned. Particularly the South Sound blogs listed such as exit133 where the Daniel Blue video is playing. As for a Raceway, you are looking at Emerald Downs in Auburn. I haven't been there for YEARS but I remember it being fun. Actually it has been built new from the ground up and I haven't been. Maybe I need to get out there.

Hopefully you have seen the press release from the EDB about Infoblox renewing its lease in Tacoma for another six years. Growing from sixty...