Monday, March 19, 2007

The South Sound Collage

I have been working with the Creative Cities Leadership Series initiatives with the Chamber of Commerce in Tacoma. Several initiatives came out of the first week of meetings including research toward the development of a Arts Incubator. This incubator would also be supported by and help support a technology driven ecosystem to make working artists more viable financially.

Today the group behind the effort met and a lot of the discussion surrounded a television show now under pre-production called "Collage". It will focus on South Puget Sound artists, art history, art venues and works of art. Hopefully the production of the half hour show will start in the Spring and be ready for air by Summer or even beforehand.

In the meanwhile, Paul Schrag is leading the charge toward the necessary feasibility assessment that will be done. This will include artists lofts and living space, rehearsal and gallery space and hopefully co-op equipment and recording/production facilities.

It will take some time, but could development into a thriving centerpiece to an already active arts community.

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