Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Been A Busy Year Moving into the Next

Balancing the number of things one can accomplish in a given time is getting more difficult for me. I don't think that committing to three different shows in three different theaters one after the other did anything to free me up, that is a certainty. However, I am thoroughly enjoying the rehearsals and look forward to the performances.

I was taken aback by a ABC radio news reporter this morning, who was commenting on the changes that came in 2010. She said that "out of nowhere" Twitter and Youtube became legitimate news reporting systems. I might agree that this year it became mainstream, but those to systems, and Twitter in particular, were impacting journalism dramatically in 2009 as well. Just look back at Journalism 2.0 by Mark Briggs and you will know what I mean.

Some things that did come to completion this year will be more notable next year as well. The South Sound Technology Conference was postponed until March, a database for managing contact information for South Sound Tech companies was completed and I dug in a little deeper into the area of personal digital libraries.

I imagine that will be a focal point in 2011, along with a few more shows.

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