Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Things I Would Have Posted

This is the longest period of time that I have gone without posting in two years.

I have been busy with many different things, to a point where sitting down and putting together a post of any substance is difficult. In thinking through what combination of business and psychological barriers are at work, I pondered on the idea that maybe I didn't have anything to post about. I abandoned that thought when I quickly came up with several things that I could have written on had I put together the time and effort.

1) I met with the CleanTechOpen people today at the Columbia Tower in Seattle. They are near the end of the submission period for companies wanting to participate this year, which ends May 30th, and are already planning for next year. It is not to late to submit if you are an early stage company with less than 500,000 dollars in outside investment that wishes to be mentored and marketing through this West Regional initiative. If you are a company of at least two people, with a good idea for a business related to clean energy and/or sustainability, that can be articulated in a four page executive summary, you still have time. I will blog more at a later date. (what a view from the 76th floor of the Tower taken with my camera phone).

2) I taught origami at Crescent Heights on May 1st. I have posted on this sort of thing before, but it was a third grade class and the third model we chose to fold what the traditional Lily. That was an adventure.

3) I interviewed Dawn Lucien. One of Tacoma's most active and influential citizens agreed to allow me to interview her about her life in politics, Tacoma activism and civic projects. From the time she was the youngest delegate to the 1948 Democratic Convention, through her years on the City Council, Norm Dicks office, the Utility Commission and the UWT advisory board, it has been a fascinating and involved life. She is still on the UWT board and politically active. I will likely blog more another time.

4) The Producers is a show I blogged about the opening night arriving. But the cast and show are so much fun that I am certain I would have covered more (with pictures). The show has left them laughing or made them leave. Almost exclusively the former but a smidgen of the latter. What else would you expect from equal opportunity Mel Brooks?

5) I was invited to Olympia to give a talk about social networking applications and how they are being used in marketing of education. Though I spent more time on the evolution of the tools than the marketing itself, (they were all experienced marketers) we did get into some good "present use of" discussion. It was interesting to be presenting to a room of people and three other rooms via remote videocasting.

But I have not posted on these things, or others I could have.

6) My awesome purchase of an RR Anderson original.

7) Frost Park Chalk Off Season Two (sure, there have been plenty of posts, but none in verse)

And on....

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Nancy said...

1) What a great opportunity for a start-up. That kind of help is hard to come by and I hope people take advantage. 2) Very brave. I'm STILL working on the lily. 3) I bet she had a lot of great stories. Love to hear some of them. 4) Pictures please. One of every character you played. 6) Again, I'd love to see a picture. 7) Definitely missed the rhyme this time.

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