Monday, July 14, 2008

Come Fold in the Expanse of Tollefson Plaza

As I mentioned over on my FeedTacoma blog, this Wednesday I am going to take a stroll over to Tollefson Plaza, set up a table to fold on, and practice a little origami. There has been a lot of discourse on how empty the place is, both in blogs and the paper, and I had promised myself earlier that I would fill my small square of it this Summer.

I am hoping that anyone interested will stop by and grab a sheet of paper or two and join in. I will bring some of my favorite books for instruction, a few of my favorite models to show and lots of paper.

The place is so quiet during lunch that I may not see another soul out there, but I will have my kids stop by and keep me company and hope you might bring yours along as well.

First we will do a very simple but fun model which can be used as a candy dish or a photo frame. I will test everyone's prowess by putting a few pieces of candy in their completed model. If the candy stays there, SUCCESS!!!

Plus, it will provide a little energy to try the next model or two. My daughter Madeline, who is 8, will teach whoever would like to fold it if they stop by after we are done with it. I will likely enlist my 12 year old daughter to show how to fold a crane. However, people can make whatever they wish.

This Fall I will be putting together some informational origami displays. They will feature specialized areas of origami, such as ornamental flower arrangements and my favorite origami artists and be showcased at the University of Washington, Tacoma's library.

Ultimately I am hoping for a pretty impressive display of cranes, and will no doubt do a thousand crane piece. Feel free to contribute a crane or two. I folded well over a thousand in the last two years, but I keep using them for different projects.

Anyway, 11:30am in Tollefson. Hope it isn't windy.


Anonymous said...

Im there!

Erik B. said...

Sounds like fun Andrew.

Do you have any industrial sized cranes you could put together?

Droid116 said...

Though I realize you would prefer the cranes that are erected to build large complexes, you may not know that the largest crane folded was in the Seattle Kingdome.

big crane

Erik B. said...

Nice Andrew.

BTW, make sure you use the City of Tacoma resources and announce your crane building project through the City of Tacoma list serve.

You need some kind of call to arms for origami in Tollefson Plaza.

Here's an example:


an INTELLECTUAL SALON for cutting edge innovators in open defiance AGAINST the Frankenstein, Computer-Gangster Communist Conspiracy!

Before the dawn of Tacoma's REBIRTH a call-to-action was issued challenging SELF DESCRIBED "artists" to arise in the sucking, open-heart chest wound of Downtown's own LARRY FROST MEMORIAL PARK to compete for the most coveted prize in the world... The title of BEST ILLUSTRATOR IN THE UNIVERSE.

For the audacious OF HEART, this is your chance to literally draw upon the publicly funded resources of the City--Literally the City of Tacoma itself is your canvas.


So much TEMPORARY PUBLIC ART not even an Arts Commissioner could deny it!

(perhaps you could write a short poem)

Anonymous said...

If we lived in the area Pete and I would have absolutely been there. How did it go? I'm hoping you had great weather and many, many participants.

Droid116 said...

It was great fun. If there were many, many participants however, I think I would have been overwhelmed. The idea was to at least have some activity and we did.

A gentleman with a guitar was there playing and he was quite good. Several of folks I know from online were there and we made several models.

The kids came out and even taught how to do the candy dishes and cranes.

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