Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chalk it Up to Taking a Quillpill

When I write fiction, I do so in great bursts of writing. If I want to write a screenplay or a novel..., well..., it is hard for me to do so. I have only been moderately successful in completed longer works by breaking down the pieces, using index cards to coordinate scenes and characters and even outlining the major bits of important dialog. It is only then that I am I able to put it together in five or six massive writing jags of 10 to 30 pages each.

Now I am going to be put to the test. I am going to attempt to write some fiction, 140 characters or less at a time.

This will be done using the Beta version of a new online writing and posting service called Quillpill. Thank you to Jamie Paulson from www.thriceallamerican.com for bringing it to my attention.

What is Quillpill?

From the site:

Quillpill helps you find the time to write at your own pace and wherever you are.

Quillpill supplies you the writer, diary keeper, poet, or reader with access to a unique writing tool for mobile and web. The mobile web offers you a much more book-like experience than even a laptop can, as the mobile phone is the first web-able device that is as portable, accessible, and personal as a paperback novel or your favorite journal. The best part is: You already own it and carry it with you!

But who is going to read a book or story written 140 characters at a time?

According to the site, it is already very popular in Japan, where they say that books written on cell phones have become best sellers in print. It doesn’t have to be via cell phone either. You can submit via laptop, gaming platforms like PSP and the Wii, as well as with desktops. It’s just it can only be 140 characters at a time.

What can you write at 140 characters at a time? It seems to me poetry and micro-diaries would be most form fitting, though they suggest note taking (Jott seems to have that covered) and story telling as well.

So I will attempt to write something at 140 characters per entry, with only 1 to 4 entries a day. But it must be epic, it must be important and it must be relevant. Therefore, I will attempt to write the story of Chalkoff Challenge XI.

I am willing to supplement the postings with 140 character or less lines suggested from any of you. (at my discretion) ((and in keeping with editorial flow of course))


Anonymous said...

Glad you hopped aboard...should be fun to try to follow your story. I don't see myself writing much of anything soon, but who knows.

Erik B. said...

Great project Andrew.

Keep us posted.

A great many people will be anxious to read it. It will give an extra incentive to win if the win is documented in your cyber novel.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Following your story bit by bit will be akin to watching those old cliffhanger movie serials that always seem to end with the heroine tied to the railroad tracks and the train in sight. Who will win? Who will choke? Who will get run over? Can't wait to read it!

Droid116 said...

I am pleased that their will be readers, but I don't expect great literature at twenty words a pop. My initial goal is to remain coherent.

What I have gotten a sense of is that this might be a interesting means to write four stanza poems or lyrics to a song.

Erik B. said...

I am pleased that their will be readers, but I don't expect great literature at twenty words a pop. My initial goal is to remain coherent.

Readers? Oh yes, there will be a great many.

Although you might want to add some graphic, text or picture when you post it on the Feed Tacoma blog to make it a bit more readable.

Hopefully you have seen the press release from the EDB about Infoblox renewing its lease in Tacoma for another six years. Growing from sixty...