Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exploring SearchEngineLand

I feel like an internet explorer! No, not the browser, but a curious scout who by moving about in a vast continent of content discovers something heretofore unknown (to the scout that is). Today I stumbled upon SearchEngineLand, where algorithms frolic and link bombs myths are exploded.

How did I get there? Why, in my usual haphazard fashion of following bread crumbs of information and articles that interest me. First I tripped over an article on Stephen Colbert winning person of the year at the Webby Awards.

Which I thought might be interesting to comment on, but the news is a bit old and I wanted to know more about why he was selected. As I pushed through the information I found out that among his many web based accomplishments, he managed to become the designation “Greatest Living American”. (At least according to Google). This was more up my alley for a post. How did he do it and what does that say about information searches. He turned to has fans and set out to capture the accolade by comments and links which contained both his name and the aforementioned phrase.

Except that, as it turns out, he is no longer the “Greatest Living American” (according to Google). As I always recheck my coordinates to not only see where I am heading and where I have been, I took a side expedition over to Google and entered the phrase. Colbert had been relegated to number two.

But why? Because Google does not like to be influenced by link bombing, and adjusted it’s search algorithms to counter the invasion, that is why.

I know this because, as I wandered from link to link on the subject, I found a clearing and it was explained to me in SearchEngineLand. A mystical place which though associated with Third Door Media, does not give out much more information about itself other than it is “a must read hub” for all things search.

I look forward to exploring it further, and even heading off to Googleland, Marketingland and Columnland as time, and links provided by SearchEngineLand permit.

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