Friday, February 22, 2008

Business Daily Paper Joins the Blogging Ranks

The Weekly Volcano has the Spew (and the Fort Lewis Ranger has the Blog-ah), the Tacoma Sun basically IS a blog that is also an online newspaper and The News Tribune uses a digital counter widget that updates every time a new blog is added. (I am kidding about the widget, but they do have a LOT of blogs).

And now, the Business Examiner has a blog as well.

Called the BE Daily Blog, it has been operating in Beta mode for a month now. In fact the first blog entry, “test blog entry”, from Jan 29th is still available in the archives.

But don't let the youthfulness of the blog fool you, the bloggers over at the Examiner have been busy over the last month posting about as many entries as I make in half a year. I stumbled across the blog while on the phone talking to BE Editor Steve Dunkelberger.

“You have a blog!” I exclaimed.

“Yes”, he answered me.

“Can I talk about it?” I asked.

“It’s in Beta, but yeah, go ahead. We are testing the comments feature right now.” he answered.

(Steve, you are a newspaper guy. Can I make up things that are close to what you said and still put quotes around them?)

((Second question. If I blog about your blog and it ends up on The Examiner's Blog Watch, which I noticed you are blogging on, will it create an endless loop of some sort.))

Any way, it is great to have another news based blog on the virtual block. Very cool. I look forward to reading the entries and hope that the BE Daily Blog joins the ranks of FeedTacoma blog feed sources for all things Tacoma.

As for what you can do?

Go take a look and make a comment on items of interest to you. At this time most of the comments there are either in some form of faux Latin or are similar to “this is how a comment would look."

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NineInchNachos said...

These guys are a powerhouse of content. I've been waiting for them to get a blog since forever! Now we just need to rally them into getting their blog set up with RSS and then hook it up to Feed Tacoma...

I'd like to be able to start linking to their entries from my cartoons.

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