Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Notable Blogs

I have all of fifteen minutes today to give a tour of what we are calling "Some Notable Blogs".

Given that this will be done at a local South Puget Sound conference it makes sense to include some local blogs. After all, this is an active blogging community and there are in fact many blogs that would be considered notable. But in order to give those in attendance a broad sense of the huge selection of blogs that there are to choose from, it will be necessary to reach out into the vast blogosphere as well. Not to mention we are covering quite a few with our panels: newspaper based blogs, parentally focused blogs and civic and community minded blogs to be exact.

I know it is impossible to give a good overview when there is such a eclectic mix of sites to choose from, but that also means that I am swimming in choices to use as examples.

Therefore: I am going to hit as many as I can under a number of categories.

First, since they we are talking blogs, how about blogs about blogs.
Since I use Google's Blogger tool, I thought I would include Blogger Buzz.

And from a technical point of view there is the CNET blog.

Because some of my favorite blogs are in their hearts simply personal journals, I thought I would feature two that I frequent online.

Erik Emery Hanbergs blog which often has an art focus (check out that great martini glass). Erik will be leading a birds of a feather group later today.

Someone who I encountered after he posted on my site who I only know as "noisms". I have never met him but feel like I know a bit about him and enjoy reading his blog. We are different in age, location and political viewpoint, but I relate to his style of writing and perspective.

Some bloggers are in the employ of a business which they blog about.

Our favorite bell captain from the Hotel Murano for instance.

This isn't strictly speaking a permanent employee but you might like this gentleman's enthusiasm for Tacoma and his adventures as an intern.

Rather than hit too many blogs in so few minutes I thought I would feature some local blogrolls. Blogrolls are, according to Wikipedia, "a collection of links to other weblogs. When present, blogrolls are often found on the front page sidebar of most weblogs."

FeedTacoma contributors
The News Tribunes blog list plus local blogs
A large selection of links from the TacomaMama site

Anthro professor Mike Wesch has an excellent video on YouTube called The Machine is Us(ing) US. In it, there is a statement that a new blog is being created every half second. With that many blogs at work, sites that provide value be aggregating information and activity from them have been created.

Tracking interactions between bloggers:
Technorati, BlogPulse, Tailrank, PubSub and BlogScope.

I invite you to provide a category and some examples as well.


Anonymous said...

The site cool people read:

Erik B. said...

Tacoma Urban Design discussions :
Tacoma Urbanist

The Napster said...

Great Presentation

Droid116 said...

Thanks Napster.

Thanks intacoma and erik. Excellent sites, both of them.

noisms said...

Hi Andrew, my real name's Dave, by the way. Thanks for the mention!

Hopefully you have seen the press release from the EDB about Infoblox renewing its lease in Tacoma for another six years. Growing from sixty...