Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Care and Maintenance of a Blog

Being away from the blog for while, even a short while, gives you a strange feeling.

It is like going away for a couple of weeks and not lining up someone to come by and water the plants. The house has a stillness to it when you open the door and even though you watered the ficus trees before you left, there is still tinge of guilt and a sense that you were neglectful.

Well, I am back, and ready to resume my commitment to bringing up topics and providing information centered around the world of technology, living and art.

Sometimes I pull out the evolving outline of a book I am preparing to write on “Your Digital Double” and riff on an item from that. You know, kill two birds with one stone stuff where I post a blog entry and create book material at the same time. Or I look at the most recent news and try to dig deeper or provide my perspective on it. The iPhone hack came close. But there is an article that I came across that does such a thorough job of discussing the importance of blogs that I thought I would link to it. What is funny to me is that it is a Business Week cover story from May of 2005, over two years ago. It talks about how “Blogs Will Change Your Business”. Well, they were spot on in many respects.

At the end of the article is, in my opinion, a bit of a clunky segue to the announcement of their blog. I clicked on the link from the 2.25 year old article and wondered how lively the announced blog would be. I was pleased to discover that it is still going strong at

It is actually quite good, and from their recent postings it looks as though noone is neglecting the plants.

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