Sunday, April 22, 2007

City Slogans in a Virtual World

Dan Voelpel in the Sunday news brought up the topic of a new Tacoma slogan. This topic pops up frequently in many different venues. I have seen it on blogs, in the paper, in conversation with city staff and friends. That generally means it is a good conversational topic. Right up there with "should Edgar Martinez make it into the baseball Hall of Fame? (yes), and what are the ten greatest movies of all time? (unanswerable)". Perfect for a Sunday.

My suggestion for a new slogan is "Tacoma, New Branded Slogan To Go Here".

My question for you. Are there any virtual communities out there that are currently debating their brand and slogan?. Triggerstreet, which is a non-gaming virtual community in many respects. They have citizens, rank within the membership, rules and order and even a hall of justice where peers mete out punishment for broken laws and misconduct. Their slogan is "Help Others, Help Yourself. Feedback, Exposure, Opportunity." That works very well for the site.

Any other examples out there?

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